CitaCun - Cloud-based management software for barbershops and beauty salons

Sales system for barbershops and beauty salons

What we do?

One software that covers all your needs.

Online appointment calendar

Keep track of your appointments for each collaborator in an online calendar. Your clients can also schedule their service from any device.

Automatic reminders

Automatically send reminders to your clients by email, SMS, in case of any changes to their appointment.


Keep track of your customers, create labels to better track them. Also has a wallet to accumulate points and use them in future purchases.

Cloud point of sale

Record payments from your customers from computer, tablet or smartphone. You can charge an order with different payment methods.

Cash control

You can keep track of your income, expenses. Make cash and coin counts.

Finance dashboard

You can view your income, expenses, transfers and the profitability of your business in real time. You can also see the total appointments made per month and guide.

Commission calculation

Apply commissions for your collaborators and get a detailed report of their commissions.

Customized booking page

You can customize your booking page from the CitaCun platform and add a list of services, photo gallery, schedules, and contact information.

Online payments

Your clients can make payments for their services through PayPal, Mercado Pago, and credit or debit cards.

Client portal

Your clients can make a reservation from your website, view their payment history, and use their electronic wallet.

Send receipts by email

You can print your purchase receipts with just one click. Save invoices and download them in PDF format.

SAT self-invoicing

Your clients can easily and quickly generate their electronic invoice with their purchase receipt.


If you have collaborators, create users for each one and assign them different permissions based on their position and keep track of each one.


Keep real-time control over your inventory and automate your purchasing process. List each of your products by category, add description, photo, and price for each product.

WHY CitaCun?

Simplify your business management.

With advanced options like inventory, products, appointments, services, and add-ons, as well as easy staff management. Simplify your booking management and gain greater control and visibility in your business!


Streamline your day

You'll maximize your efficiency and profitability, move faster with automated tasks, from service assignments to payment tracking. At the same time, you'll reduce the errors of keeping appointment records on paper.


No complicated installations or extra equipment

We use web technologies and it works on most computers and mobile phones. No extra equipment is required. Customers can book services in seconds through the booking portal, 24/7 and from wherever they are.

  • From anywhere with internet.
  • From any computer.
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • Compatible with tablets.

¿Cómo puedo empezar a obtener ganancias?

Programa de Afiliados CitaCun.

Compartelo con tus amigos y gana desde $10 USD por cada empresa que se registre y contraté un plan en CitaCun.

  • Por una licencia de $20USD recibe $10USD.
  • Por una licencia de $35USD recibe $20USD.
  • Por una licencia de $70USD recibe $20USD.

Our prices

We offer prices that adapt to your needs.



$0 Month
$0 Year


  • Up to 30 Sales
  • Updates
  • Default Domain
  • Technical Support
  • Purchase receipts by email
  • Client Portal
  • Customized Web Page
$35 Month
$360 Year


  • Up to 4000 Sales
  • Updates
  • Custom Domain
  • Technical Support
  • Purchase receipts by email
  • Client Portal
  • Customized Web Page

Prices in Dollars, without taxes, plus payment gateway commission. More details

Licenses are based on Paid, Partial, Cancelled, and Pending Payment Sales.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure, you can cancel at any time, without having to meet any deadlines.

What payment methods do you accept?

Multiple payment methods are accepted depending on the country where you register.